The Blackmore Foundation

The Blackmore Group


The Blackmore Group see it important to not only deliver projects for financial return, but also to give back to the local community in a multitude of ways.


Give back

The Blackmore Group see it as a pressing matter to help develop the community in more than just a financial way. As well as assisting existing charitable organisations, our foundation wants to change the way the financial world is approached, helping everyone learn and understand what the world of finance is, from budding entrepreneurs to the general public.



With an ever changing financial market and uncertainty around financial futures, it is important to encourage people to think about their financial futures on a personal level as well as what is happening to the economy. The Blackmore Foundation aims to provide the correct tools to people and companies in order to assist the UK economy as a whole to grow.



It is important for The Blackmore Group to deliver in all aspects of business, from returns on investment to stability and security, all aspects of finance are important. Therefore, The Blackmore Foundation is set up to deliver on its promises and news will be coming out as the Foundation makes steps to achieving its goals.



“The Blackmore Foundation has been set up to give back to the community and this is something I am incredibly proud of. The well-established network we have as a company is going to enable us to make changes to the industry from top to bottom.”

Phillip Nunn

CEO, The Blackmore Group


For more information on The Blackmore Foundation and what we are helping with, please get in touch